Keep Connected This Summer

It happens every summer. School ends and members take vacations and attend

events that make it hard for them to get to church. Your attendance varies from

week to week, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose touch.

Even when they’re not at church, you can stay connected. If you don’t, it may be

“out of sight, out of mind.” If they don’t feel like anyone notices they’re gone, they

may not come back. Use the summer months to reach out and remind members

of the great things happening at your church.

5 ways you can stay connected this summer:


Whether you use a personal or church account, make sure you post something

at least once a week. If it’s your personal account, post about fun things you’re

doing, what you see God doing, and things you’re thankful for. Be sure to

comment on posts from members.

With a church Facebook account, post about interesting things happening around

church, events, what’s happening on Sunday mornings, and photos or event

images if possible.


At my church, email updates are sent every Friday afternoon. It’s the digital

version of the Sunday Bulletin. The top half of the email features images with

event information – (concerts, VBS, current sermon series). Below that, other

news and events are listed as well as service opportunities. At the end of each

news item is a “Learn more,” or “Sign up” link to the church website where more

information is given.


Keep your website up to date over the summer. If members aren’t there to hear

the information on Sundays, your website is the go-to place they can go to find

out what’s happening. Use the home page to include banner images with basic

information, and links to other areas of your site with full information. Make sure

you include links in your Facebook posts and email newsletters.


Postcards are a nice way to promote Summer events , and remind people that

church life doesn’t take a vacation. Despite the move to online communication,

postcards are still effective for getting people’s attention.


Summer is a great time to sponsor festive events, and to connect personally.

Whether it’s a concert, 4 th of July Celebration, or an all-church sports event - plan

family friendly/intergenerational events that create memories, build friendships,

and help you stay connected.

Low-key get-togethers are perfect for summer. Beach days, barbeques, softball

games, or outdoor movie nights are fun things you can do together that take

minimal planning, and they’re easy ways for members to invite friends. Promote

events and get-togethers through Facebook, your website, postcards and your


It’s easy for people to drift away during the summer. Keep in touch and provide

ways for your members to stay connected with church leaders and one another.

With a little planning you can strengthen relationships even when your members

aren’t there every week.