SHARE is a missions ministry of a local church. Our direction was to show that people of every
nationality, working together can change the world.


Pastor Dale Meador

This is a logo we designed a few years ago for a blog by Pastor Dale Meador in
Medford, Oregon. Anyone who has met Pastor Dale knows he has his eyes fixed on
Christ, and he's straightforward in the way he communicates. We thought a bold and
simple cross, modern in appearance but rooted in history was fitting.

Forward In Faith

First Church of Christ in Owosso, Michigan needed a logo for a capital building campaign.
We were given free reign, and went in a direction that  clearly conveyed the idea of
moving forward in faith.

Burdick Construction

We designed the title portion of the Burdick Construction logo in the mid 90's,
before websites were a factor. The original logo had a background with more detail
that didn't work well on the web, so we simplified the approach. Bold, simple, and professional
were key to the update.


Consulting Logo

A consultant to pharmaceutical and high tech companies needed a logo that showed
how coaching could improve communication and productivity. They chose another of our
designs, which illustrated their coaching process. It goes to show that there are a lot of
factors that go into the final choice.