A recent LifeWay Research report surveyed over 1000 churches to see how they use their websites. While
the report addresses multiple topics about how churches use websites, I thought the statistics on how often churches update information was noteworthy:

• 15% of churches update their website more than once a week.
• 40% of churches update their websites weekly.
• 42% update their sites once a month or less, including
• 7% who update their websites once a year or less.

Pastors cited lack of time, finances and lack of interest among the congregation as reasons why they didn't update more. With the web becoming such a central source of information it's important to keep your church website current. The more up to date the information, the more people will turn to the website. With my own church, the website has become the place to find out what's going on and also the place to sign up for events. The church has been able to cut down (or eliminate) most print communications, which saves staff time and printing costs. Realizing that not everyone has access to a computer, a laptop is frequently present on Sunday 
mornings so people can sign up for events between services, or they can sign up with a written sheet.

If your website is difficult to update, it may be time to look into a new website. The LifeWay report was sponsored by Axletree Media, which provides low cost, easy to manage websites (Church Logo Gallery has no affiliation with Axletree). Church Logo Gallery partners with a company specializing in church websites, so we would be happy to help in this area as well. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can update the easy to use content management systems that are now available.

With web access by smart phones, tablets, laptops multiplying, keeping your website current isn't just good communication, it's a necessity. To read the full report, go to:http://www.lifeway.com/article/170638/