Branding is the process of communicating who you are through your name, logo and design in a way that differentiates you from other churches. It tells people about your story, purpose or vision.

A good church logo is an asset in helping your church grow. Here are 7 ways it can help make connections with members of your community:


Creates Awareness

A good logo helps people recognize and remember you. Have you ever gotten a Facebook request and in place of the photo there’s the blue and white faceless silhouette? It’s easy to skip over, and you wonder if it’s the Joe Smith you know. Your logo is like your profile picture – people identify your logo with your church.


Sets You Apart

Your logo tells people about your church. It differentiates you from other churches as it gives details about your church that are unique to you. It could be your style of worship, emphasis on growth or evangelism, your architecture, or your location – your logo should tell your audience something that makes you unique.


Makes an Emotional Connection

When people are looking for a church they are searching for a place where they can fit in, connect with God, and make friends. The style and design of your logo can communicate the personality of your church and give them an idea whether or not they can relate.


Increases Credibility

Have you ever searched for a product or service and the business either didn’t have a logo or had such a bad one that you cringed and wondered if they were legit? A good logo gives you a professional image and increases your credibility. Consistent branding over time will establish your church as one that’s well established and worthy of trust.


Communicates Your Story or Values

Every church has a story to tell, and whether it’s your purpose, your vision, or a milestone that defines your church, your logo the picture that communicates a thousand words. People love good stories. Tell your story well and people will be drawn to your church through your logo.


Creates Expectations

Does anyone believe adage that says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Your logo will influence how people see your church and will give them an idea on the style, personality and direction you’re headed. Be intentional about the message and feel of your logo so it fits with the expectations it creates when people see it.


Conveys Relevance

Keep your logo current so people know the Good News you’re preaching and teaching are relevant and applicable for their life right now. If your logo is out of date, the expectation will most likely be that your church is behind the times, too.

Your church logo is a central piece in your branding effort. It’s the face of your church – the symbol people see on your website, church sign, bulletin, business cards and all of your other church, electronic and social media. Put your logo to work for you and give people a clear picture of what your church is all about.