What is a Christian logo?

Christian logos are logos that easily identify churches and Christian ministries because they include symbols synonymous with the Christian faith, like a cross, Bible or dove. Other symbols may be woven into the design, like a tree, mountains, river, people, etc, but it’s the cross or Bible that are instantly recognizable and help people identify your logo as a church logo.


Non Specific Church Logos

There’s a current trend to leave out crosses or other Christian symbols in church logos. Churches with an outward focus may do this to look relevant and approachable to visitors. This helps guests feel comfortable and easily fit in, rather than feeling like they are walking into a religious service with traditions they may not be familiar with.


The Advantages of a Recognizable Church Logo (Christian Logo)

Businesses with large budgets can afford to market their brand and get their logo or brand in front of people. If you weren’t familiar with Microsoft, their logo with four squares in different colors would have no meaning to you. But seeing their logo on a regular basis helps you recognize and identify their brand.

If your church has a big presence in your community or great marketing so people are familiar with your church, then a non-specific logo without religious symbolism can work. If you’re a small church or have a limited marketing budget, though, it’s critical that people know you’re a church and understand something about you from your logo. Your logo can communicate your vision, associate you with a local landmark or a noticeable feature of your architecture, illustrate your discipleship process, or convey another quality that makes your church stand out.

A Christian logo can have a traditional or modern style. The two most important things are that it identifies you as a church, and it tells people something about your specific church that’s central to your story that your intended audience can relate to.

We’ve included some samples of Christian logos we’ve designed below. Look through our website to check out our gallery with hundreds of predesigned logos or take a look at our Logo Portfolio page to see custom church logos we’ve created. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to talk about your church logo needs.