Basic Logos are the icon only and are available in the Children's, Youth, and Church Ministry logos. Formats include:

  • EPS - CMYK and Pantone (on 2 color logos)
  • TIFF - CMYK color
  • JPG - RGB color and grayscale
  • PNG - RGB color and grayscale

To learn more about the file formats and the kind of projects they are best suited for, please read below.

PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOM LOGOS Standard, Premium, and Custom Church Logos

Church Logo Gallery provides you with a complete set of files (12+) to meet all your print, web, and media needs. Color and grayscale files included.

Formats include:

AI and EPS

AI and EPS are vector files that scale as large or small as you need them and still have clean edges. These files are also editable if you need to change colors or other details on your logo.

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Professional printing (bulletins, brochures)
  • Apparel


A PDF can be used as a vector or raster image and can be used on almost any printed project. Ideal for projects requiring a larger file.

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Professional printing


High resolution raster image (raster files are made up of pixels). Logos are saved at 300dpi, and usually about 4.5" wide.

  • Full color professional printing
  • MS applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


300dpi and 72dpi files are provided. JPG files cannot be enlarged without having jagged edges. Because they are a compressed file, they are great for web use and some desktop publishing uses. JPG files have white backgrounds.

  • Websites (with white backgrounds)
  • Email signatures and marketing
  • Some desktop publishing


300dpi files are provided. A PNG is very similar to a JPG file except it has a transparent background. Like a JPG, a PNG file is compressed, so it loads quick, but can't be enlarged.

  • Websites
  • Email signatures and marketing
  • Some desktop publishing


72dpi GIF file is provided. This is also a compressed file.

  • Website
  • Email signature


300dpi Photoshop file. Photoshop files are used by designers on a variety of projects.

  • Resource file for web and graphic designers.

Church Logo Gallery supplies you with all the files you will need for any design project. We give you more files than anyone else. If you need help with your design, give us a call. We have a talented team of designers ready to help with your next project.